Hear how having a team on your side can help you feel better – and build a stronger relationship with your doctor, too. This is where our patients tell their stories, in their words.


"I’d just switched to a HealthCare Partners doctor who suggested I get a mammogram. There was a mass, and I’d have to get a biopsy. Suddenly, I didn’t know what to say. Turns out, everything was benign, and i was just fine. All I can say is, if you ever find yourself in a situation like that, I hope you have the right doctor, like I did...They’ll be there for you, and they’ll make sure that your family and friends are there for you too. They have not only the right expertise, but the right kind of heart, too. And that’s the most important thing of all."


"Seeing the world is something we’ve always enjoyed together. Hiking. Travel. Anything. So you can imagine what it felt like when I went in for a regular checkup and the doctor told me I had atrial fibrillation -- an irregular heartbeat. But the cardiac team at HealthCare Partners was great. They answered my questions... I went into surgery and the doctors put in a pacemaker. After a short recovery, I was back on my feet, doing the things I like to do. The things we like to do. HealthCare Partners saved my life. But they did it in a way that lets me live my life, too. And that’s made all the difference.