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A Team Working For You

Living better is a matter of better health. That goes for any age -- whether you're 7 or 70. To get there, it takes an entire team, working for you.

That's what we do at HealthCare partners.

We give you top-rated* care in a way that makes you feel like you're part of a family. We take pride in fostering that experience from front desk to exam room and beyond.

With an entire team working on your side, you can look to us as a place that provides a supportive environment where the doctor focuses on you, a resource for annual wellness visits, a place where you can get timely referrals, and much more.

Among your network of resources, we also include screenings and immunizations, including flu and pneumonia shots. You'll also enjoy urgent care access, online patient portals and other technological resources, 24-hour toll-free support, educational materials to live your best, and electronic medical records so your care is always seamless.

With these benefits – and a team of medical professionals working for you – you have the support you need to feel better and live better too. It makes navigating your care a lot easier. And it makes improving your life through better health a much simpler process.

Most of all, we focus on creating an environment where you feel like part of a family. Where you get the full attention of your doctors, nurses, and our entire staff. Where you're at the center of a comprehensive effort to keep you feeling your best. After all, it's your health, so you should always be the focus. Visit hcpnv.com for more information.

*Learn more at Integrated Healthcare Association